Rivers of Croatia. The scent of nature is an adventure!

Croatian rivers belong to the Adriatic and the Black Sea Basin. They are among the cleanest in the world and are therefore well stocked with fish and other organisms. The most important rivers are Danube, Sava, Drava and Kupa. The largest river in Croatia is the Danube, which is an important traffic route, but also the “Corridor VII” of the European Union. Its tributaries Sava and Drava are also partly navigable and suitable for multi-day adventures.

In the beautiful natural environment of these rivers, we can capture a part of the active life of beaver, heron, white-tailed eagle, black stork and various endemic species of fish in their natural habitats like river sandy islands, floodplain forests, tributaries and gullies. Of all the rivers flowing through Croatia, river Kupa, with its 296 km, is the longest and very interesting for rafting and kayak adventures in its upper basin. Korana, Cetina, Krka and Mrežnica are important tourist destinations as well.

Rivers in Croatia are characterized by pure and crystalline water,and untouched and magical landscapes. Most visitors come to Croatia in the summer, when the most beautiful rivers of Croatia are perfect for rafting, canoeing and kayaking. The magic of crystal clear rivers, from steep canyons and green shores, attracts anyone who wants to preserve an unforgettable experience.

Conveying a sense, fragrance and beauty, can sometimes only be done by a video. Our goal is to encourage all of you, nature lovers and adventures to embark on a new adventure, because we believe you will surely have a good time! And then, of course … repeat it! A video clip from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGabQDhpDyQ