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1. Bank payment

Bank payment, transaction payment or credit payment are ways of transferring money from one person or legal entity to another. Bank payment is sending money from one bank account to another anywhere in the world. The benefits of bank payment are that you do not have to wait for something to arrive by mail, and funds are available immediately upon receipt of your payment.

Banking details (transfer details):
Zagrebačka banka d.d
Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
IBAN: HR8123600001101905138


Terra Croatica Adventure Travel
Dubovac 11
HR-47000 Karlovac

2. PayPal

PayPal is an online business that allows payment and money transactions through the Internet. Online money transfer serves as an electronic alternative to traditional methods, such as checks and money orders. PayPal account can be funded with an electronic debit of a bank account or a credit card. A receiver of PayPal transaction may request a check from PayPal, establish his/her own PayPal deposit account, or request money to be transferred directly to a bank account.

PayPal Customer Protection Ordinance states that a customer may file a complaint within 45 days if the product is not received or if the item purchased does not correspond to the description remarkably. If a customer has used a credit card, they can get a refund on their account through their card company. You will receive a confirmation of payment and a reservation by email.